Our vision


By working together to share knowledge, skills and resources, we're committed to transforming healthcare in Weston-super-Mare, Worle and local villages.


Pier Health unites nine different GP practices in North Somerset – across Weston-super-Mare, Worle and local villages – to deliver consistent, quality care. By working together to share knowledge, skills and resources, we're committed to transforming healthcare in innovative ways. We aim to create a resilient and sustainable organisation with a happy, fulfilled workforce providing an excellent, consistent service to all patients.

A single, united and powerful voice

Wherever possible, we’re committed to working collaboratively by sharing expertise and best practice – saving time and resources by reducing the duplication of tasks across our organisation. Working together, we seek out initiatives to support the best interests and sustainability of all our practices, pioneering innovation in service design and internal processes to optimise patient care and service delivery.

Pier Health is part of a wider transformation programme in the Weston-super-Mare and North Somerset area known as Healthy Weston. The project includes primary and community care, secondary care and acute care provisions, with the ambition to break down the walls between organisations and provide seamless, integrated services to patients.

Creating jobs for Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire

None of this is made possible without our highly-trained, content workforce that offers consistent and equitable care of the highest quality. In keeping with our vision to work as ‘a coalition of the willing’, our care is delivered by practice teams who are encouraged to maintain their own identity within the wider Pier Health organisation.

We’re working hard to facilitate personal and professional development across our healthcare teams. As well as championing clinical jobs in the Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire (BNSSG) area, our centralised training and mentorship programmes – alongside opportunities to participate in bids for specialist care – enable staff from across the skills spectrum to develop their careers with us.

Pier Health Group
Pier Health

Our affiliated and Partner practices are registered and monitored by the CQC